Ann B. Davis Tribute CD On Sale

beautifulnightBetween pre-sales and sales at the Brady Convention we sold more than the 50 limited addition CD’s of (It was a) Beautiful Night.

That is great because it means more money for Ann’s Charity. As a result I ordered more and they arrived today. Those who pre-ordered them I will be autographing them tonight. They will be sent out this weekend. As a result of the additional pressed CD’s I have 25 left. Once they are gone they are gone. If you would like to order one of these remaining 25 collector pieces, see my website details will be posted soon.

I will autograph each one and what a great way to help Ann’s Charity. I have been approached about making the song available on ITUNES. I am considering that but the only place you can get the collector sleeve and my autograph on it is to order one of the remaining 25….Details coming

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